A movement to restore the spiritual prominence of Black Love, elevating the Kings and Queens of the earth. 

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World renowned author, speaker, and radio host, Laneen A.  Haniah, is a self-proclaimed Intimatologist, who is widely known as “Dr. Intimacy ~ The Surgeon for Your Soul”. Through 20 years of focused studies on Biblical Sexology and Intimatology, Dr. Intimacy has developed her own brand of helping people discover and reconstruct their core, which she calls “soul-sculpting”. Laneen is a native of New York, but currently resides in Dallas, TX. For booking info please visit www.LaneenHaniah.com.
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Official Launch of How to Love a Black Man!

Find out how to heal your LOVE-LIFE at the How to Love a Black Man official launch! Please  watch the video and then click the link below. If you can't be there in-person you can still watch the FB Live video. This is the launch of Healing Black Love, the movement and YOU can get involved!!! 

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How to Love a Black Man: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. H.I.M.

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